Creating a Tattoo is a collaborative process, we tend to advise dropping by the studio if possible as it saves a lot of time and can be a much easier way of communicating visual ideas. If thats not possible send over your ideas, reference images, descriptions including the placement and sizing via email.

Depending on the complexity of the tattoo, we may advise booking you in for a consultation – this is a 15 minute chat with the tattoo artist we think will create the best tattoo for you. Please come prepared, unfortunately we aren’t mind readers. the more info you have for us the better we can interpret your ideas.


The tattoo artist will develop your idea and let you know how long it will take and give you a price

You can then book in for the tattoo there and then or go away and have some time to think about it

If you decide to book in, we’ll give you available dates and take a deposit to secure the tattoo

Do you require a booking fee? Yes, this secures the appointment and is non refundable if cancelled on short notice.

Is there a waiting list or can I just walk in? Waiting lists will vary depending on the type of tattoo you are after. Occasionally we can accommodate walk ins but its always advisable to book in advance.

I have some ideas but am not very artistic, can you help me design my tattoo? Absolutely, its what we do, we like to collaborate with our customer and help them visualise their ideas, that’s what your tattoo artist is for.

How much will a tattoo cost? This is dependent on the artist, size and complexity of the design.

Will we start and finish exactly on time? Not always as preparation work is critical to the final result and our artists will work until there is a natural break point.

Will I be shown the design before the day? Designs may be viewed on the day of the appointment, or beforehand. it depends on the complexity of the design. Please discuss this with your artist beforehand

Are you able to do cover ups? While it is possible to cover some tattoos, we will only take on pieces we feel we can do a satisfactory job on. All cover-ups require extra attention and usually hours. We will need to see the tattoo you want covering first (ideally in person).

Can I bring someone with me when I get tattooed? We generally prefer to be able to work and communicate with our customers one on one, without the distraction of an audience. If you do bring people please keep it minimal as we are a small studio and also have other customers being worked on at the same time.

What inks do you use? Vegan friendly, every colour you can imagine is available.

Are children allowed in the studio? Under 18’s are only permitted in the waiting area at the front of the shop if supervised.

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